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Chinese translation for "stannous octoate"

辛酸亚锡stannousadj. 【化学】亚锡的;含锡的;二价锡(的)。

Related Translations:
octoate:  辛酸盐;辛酸酯辛酸酯
aluminium octoate:  辛酸铝aluminiumn. 【化学】铝。
lead octoate:  辛酸铅leadvt. (led) 1.领导,引导,带领。 2.搀,牵。 ...
octoate drier:  辛酸盐催干剂driern. 1.干燥工。 2.干燥机。 3.干燥物;干料;【化 ...
cupric octoate:  辛酸铜cupricadj. 【化学】(正;二价)铜的;含铜的。
bismuth octoate:  辛酸铋bismuthn. 【化学】铋〔略作 Bi〕。
cadmium octoate:  辛镉酸cadmiumn. 【化学】镉。
stannous:  adj.【化学】亚锡的;含锡的;二价锡(的)。
stannous tartrate:  酒石酸亚锡stannousadj. 【化学】亚锡的;含锡的;二价锡(的)。 tartraten. 【化学】酒石酸盐。
stannous methide:  二甲基锡stannousadj. 【化学】亚锡的;含锡的;二价锡(的)。
Example Sentences:
1.Modified polylactic acid is synthesized from lactide and aminophenol by morpholine - dione with stannous octoate as the crystal
2.Lactide were investigated . the key factors affecting the polymer intrinsic viscosity were found to be monomer recrystallization times , stannous octoate concentration and polymerization time . the thermal stabilizing agent did not significantly affect the polymer molecular weight . the polymer with a viscosity average molecular weight beyond 200000 was fairly reproducible by optimizing the polymerization conditions . it was found that poly
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