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Chinese translation for "stannous"

Example Sentences:
1.Chemical products . stannous sulphate for electroplating
2.Preparation of stannous chloride stock solution
3.Determination of palladium content - stannous choride - potassium iodide spectrophotometric method
4.The stannous chloride - mercuric chloride - potassium dichromate volumetric method for the determination of total iron content
5.Urine . determination of mercury . cold atomic absorption spectrometric method . acidic stannous chloride reduction method
6.Sponge titanium , titanium and titanium alloys - determination of palladium content - stannous choride - potassium iodide spectrophotometric method
7.Modified polylactic acid is synthesized from lactide and aminophenol by morpholine - dione with stannous octoate as the crystal
8.Jcig lianhua welfare chemical industry factory - specialized producer of triethyl phosphate , methyl phosphate , methyl dichloroacetate , stannous oxide , and palladium chloride
9.Polylactic acid ( pla ) of different molecular weights were synthesized by the direct condensation of lactic acid with modified gneiss as the catalyst , or with modified gneiss and stannous caprylate as the catalyst in the same reaction conditions and different reaction times
10.The main work and the conclusion of the article are : ( 1 ) give a suggestion on the reaction mechanism and the principle of catalyst selection . ( 2 ) by comparison of the catalyst activity of solid superacid with the zinc oxide , stannous chlorde and tin ( ii ) octate in the synthesis reaction . we find that although its activity is lower than tin ( ii ) octate , obviously higher than that of traditional zinc oxide and stannous chlorde . from the point of preparation cost , we select solid superacid as catalyst
但从催化剂的制备成本和工艺的角度选择,固体超强酸具有明显的优势; ( 3 )制备一系列单组元和双组元硫酸促进氧化物固体超强酸,并用于丙交酯的合成反应,筛选具有最佳活性的固体超强酸催化剂: ( 4 )使用so2 - 4 / zno - sno2 ( 2 : 1 ) la3 +固体超强酸作催化剂,反应脱水时间1
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