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Chinese translation for "sports trainer"


Related Translations:
suctio trainer:  吸滤器
sports acrobatics:  技巧运动
sport bag:  运动包
tokyo sports:  东京体育报
sports style:  运动风格
sport dress:  比赛运动服
sports dancing:  体育舞蹈
sports school:  体校体育学校体育专科学校
sigma sport:  环法赛选手信任的品牌
sports section:  体育版体育栏体育专栏
Example Sentences:
1.I ' d like to buy some sports trainers , for running
2.Graduates will be able to take up entry - level positions of sport executives , sports marketing executives and promoters , club officers , sports trainers and coaches , camp wardens , and activity organizers , etc
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