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Chinese translation for "sound localization"


Related Translations:
absolute localization:  绝对定位
germinal localization:  胚区定位
language localization:  语言区位化
localization method:  定位法
depth localization:  深度定位
localization strategy:  本土化战略
software localization:  本土化软件
localization kit:  本地化工具包
selective localization:  选择性定位
Example Sentences:
1.Microphone array ; sound localization ; sound tracking ; adea algorithm ; lms algorithm
2.Then all animals were tested for their response to speaker sound , and their ability to sound localization depending on the correct rate was evaluated
3.Conclusion this result shows that that the pinna and concha have almost no effect no sound localization in horizontal plane , which means spectral characteristic does not possihly dominate in horizorntal plane
4.This paper raised a new way for overlapping speech segregation based on sound localization cues . in this paper , we first divide the speech stream into some time - frequency regions and calculate the itd and iid of each region . then the notion of a " time - frequency " binary mask is given , which selects the target if it is stronger than the interference in a local time - frequency region
然后求取每个小片段上的itd (到达双耳时间上的差异性)和iid (到达双耳强度上的差异性)值,经过实验证明某个片段上的itd值和iid值与该片段上的信噪能量比是单调递增关系,因此通过和域值的比较,得出掩蔽系数,来判断每个小片段具体是属于哪个声源。
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