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Chinese translation for "software maker"


Related Translations:
essence maker:  香料制作公司
homework software:  家用软件
related software:  相关软件
software exchange:  专业软件交流区
software license:  软件认证软件使用权软件授权方式软件许可证软体许可证
software piracy:  盗版软件软件盗版软件盗窃软件侵权
software specialist:  软件专家
combinatorial software:  组合软件
software support:  软件支持程序软件支援, 软件支持软件支援程序
tax software:  税务软件
Example Sentences:
1.The people named the software maker , microsoft as the best company
2.Mainland software maker uses hk as springboard to regional , global markets
3.The purchase will ( would ) be the largest ever by the world ' s leading software maker
4.The purchase would be the largest ever by the world ' s leading software maker
5.The business software maker delivered a fiscal first - quarter performance that topped analyst expectations
6.The $ 25 billion bill that oracle corp . has run up buying smaller business software makers looks like money well spent so far
7.Here ' s a rundown of some of the notions that play into this myth about how security researchers interact with software makers
8.Throughout the 1990s , software makers and bug - hunters battled over the way researchers disclosed software vulnerabilities
9.The call for a new relationship between customers and software makers is loud and clear , and the industry has no choice but to respond and adapt
10.The world ' s largest software maker , which did not disclose financial terms of the deal , said the acquisition is part of a broader push into the consumer health - care market
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