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Chinese translation for "software maintainer"


Related Translations:
orthodontic space maintainer:  正畸缺隙保持器,正畸间隙保持器
homework software:  家用软件
related software:  相关软件
software exchange:  专业软件交流区
software license:  软件认证软件使用权软件授权方式软件许可证软体许可证
software piracy:  盗版软件软件盗版软件盗窃软件侵权
software specialist:  软件专家
combinatorial software:  组合软件
software support:  软件支持程序软件支援, 软件支持软件支援程序
tax software:  税务软件
Example Sentences:
1.Through the use of doap , software maintainers will no longer have to register their programs at multiple web sites
通过使用doap ,软件维护人员不再需要在多个web站点注册他们的程序。
2.The release cycle for diligent software maintainers often involves visits to several web sites to keep the information up to date , not to mention updating their own web sites
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