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Chinese translation for "software license agreement"


Related Translations:
licensing of capital extension:  颁发扩充资本许可证
software tradeoff:  软件折衷
dblue software:  我公司
homework software:  家用软件
related software:  相关软件
software exchange:  专业软件交流区
software license:  软件认证软件使用权软件授权方式软件许可证软体许可证
software piracy:  盗版软件软件盗版软件盗窃软件侵权
window software:  窗口软件
altitude software:  翱天软件
Example Sentences:
1.The software license agreement screen displays the product specific terms
Software license agreement显示了产品的特殊条款。
2.I cannot in good conscience sign a nondisclosure agreement or a software license agreement
3.I cannot in good conscience sign a nondisclosure agreement or a software license agreement
4.Please read this software license agreement carefully before downloading and installing the software
5.Failure to abide with software license agreement could result in the company ' s loss of the right to use the software and liability on the part of both the company and the employee for damages incurred by the third party
6.There is also a clause in sun s software license agreement that states you must agree to defend sun in court should anything go wrong with your software and you re involved in a legal battle
在sun的software license agreement中还有一项条款,按其规定,如果您的软件出现任何问题,您必须同意为sun出庭辩护,这将使您卷入法律事务争端中。
7.Before you read and accept all terms of the software license agreement , you should never download or install any software . the data shall never be used for any commercial purpose , and will be deemed as infrigement once breached
8.Tencent may disclose your personal information if required to do so by law or provided by the terms of service and software license agreement , or in the good - faith belief that such action is necessary to : conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on tencent or the site ; conform to the terms of service or the software license agreement ; protect and defend the rights or property of tencent and its family of web sites , or act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of tencent employees , users of tencent products or services , or members of the public
腾讯会在法律要求或符合腾讯网站的相关服务条款软件许可使用协议约定的情况下透露您的个人信息,或者有充分理由相信必须这样做才能: a满足法律的明文规定,或者符合腾讯或本站点适用的法律程序b符合腾讯网站相关服务条款软件许可使用协议的约定c保护腾讯及其系列web站点的权利或财产,以及d在紧急情况下保护腾讯员工腾讯产品或服务的用户或大众的个人安全。
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