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Chinese translation for "sensitizing dye"


Related Translations:
sensitized lymphocytes:  敏化淋巴细胞
sensitized block:  敏化块
sensitizing explosive:  敏化炸药
sensitizing effect:  敏化效应致敏效应
sensitized decomposition:  敏化分解
sensitized paper:  感光纸敏化纸
sensitizing dose:  致敏剂量
sensitized cell:  致敏细胞
sensitizing agent:  敏化剂增感剂致敏剂致敏因素
sensitized condition:  敏化状态
Example Sentences:
1.This article introduces the development and characteristic of dye - sensitized solar cell , points out poor stability would be obstacle for its production , summarizes its components which would improve its stability , such as : solid electrolyte , ionic liquid , inorganic sensitized dye , composite transparent conducting film and sealing of cells , discusses the prospects for application of dye - sensitized solar cells
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