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Chinese translation for "secondary language"


Related Translations:
secondaries:  二次波二期梅毒疹副翼羽后翅
secondary:  adj.1.第二(位)的,第二次的;中级的 (opp. primary)。2.副(的);从属的;附属的;辅助的;补充的;次要的;次等的;代理的。3.【医学】继发(性)的,第二期的。4.【地质学;地理学】中世代的;次生的。5.【电学】(产生)感应电流的;次级电流的。6.【化学】仲的,次的;副的,二代的。7.中等教育[学校]的。8.【语言学】音次重音的。9.间接的;非原始的。短
Example Sentences:
1.English is also the most widely used language for young backpackers who travel across continents , regardless of whether it is their mother tongue or a secondary language
2.While statistics about secondary language speakers are sparser , most countries on the planet do have some noteworthy portion which have at least a passing familiarity with the language
3.Of those nations for whom english is a secondary language , china holds the overwhelming majority , with india a distant second and the united states ( by way of most of its speakers having it as a first language ) a remote third
在那些把英语作为第二语言的国家,中国占有绝对的多数,其次是人数差距很大的印度和美国(因为很多人已经将英语作为第一语言) 。
4.Purpose of writing during my long - term teaching practice in vocational school , i find that most new students can hardly meet the basic requirements put forward on junior secondary language & literature synopsis for listening and speaking skills
5.The main body of a book has been drawn up taking modem times chinese as main object of study , secondary language has been made with going ahead pointing to a component to the kind studying , has pointed out importance that the kind points to , whose relation with the context , and the structural analysis having carried out utterance structural analysis and information
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