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Chinese translation for "seasonal distribution"

季节性分布seasonaladj. 季节(性)的。 adv. -ly distributionn. 1.分配,分发,配给;分配装置[系统];配给品;配 ...

Related Translations:
seasonal:  adj.季节(性)的。adv.-ly
seasonal plan:  季度计划seasonaladj. 季节(性)的。 adv. -ly plann. 1.计划,设计,方案,规划;方法;进程表;时间表。 ...
seasonal lake:  季节潮季节湖季节性的湖泊季节性湖泊seasonaladj. 季节(性)的。 adv. -ly lakevi. 血球溶解。 vt. 使(血液)发生血球溶解。
seasonal disease:  季节病seasonaladj. 季节(性)的。 adv. -ly diseasen. 1.病,疾病;【植物;植物学】病害。 2.(精神等 ...
seasonal model:  季节模型季节性模型seasonaladj. 季节(性)的。 adv. -ly modeln. 1.模型,雏型;原型;设计图;模范;(画家、雕刻家 ...
seasonal periodicity:  季节周期性seasonaladj. 季节(性)的。 adv. -ly periodicityn. 1.定期[周期]性;间发性;周期数。 2.周率,频 ...
seasonal dimorphism:  季节二态性seasonaladj. 季节(性)的。 adv. -ly
seasonal estimates:  季节估计量seasonaladj. 季节(性)的。 adv. -ly estimatevt. 1.估计,估算;估价;估量。 2.评价,评断。 ...
seasonal product:  季节性产品seasonaladj. 季节(性)的。 adv. -ly productn. 1.产物,产品;制品;产量;出产。 2.结果,成果 ...
seasonal cracking:  季节性破裂seasonaladj. 季节(性)的。 adv. -ly crackingadj. 分裂的,分解的;〔美俚〕极快的,猛烈的。 cr ...
Example Sentences:
1.Spatial variations and seasonal distributions of rainfall erosivity on loess plateau
2.Influence of seasonal distribution of precipitation on primary productivity of stipa krylovii community
3.Effect of water dynamic action on spatial and seasonal distribution of heavy metals in surface sediments at tidal flat in shanghai
4.The density of skeletonema costatwn accounted for 71 . 0 % of the total phytoplankton . therefore the horizontal and seasonal distributions patterns of s . costatum dominated the patterns of the total phytoplankton
在硅藻中,又以中肋骨条藻为全年优势种,其数量在浮游植物群落总细胞数中的百分比周年平均值高达71 . 0 。
5.Geographical and seasonal distributions of the double sh ridges according to the statistics of 41 - year data , it is found that the appearance of such double ridges is not peculiar to 1998 only but universal , and it has characteristic of the notably geographical and seasonal distributions . the events of double sh ridges occur most frequently in the summer and autumn and mostly exist from the mid - east of indian ocean to the middle of the pacific . in comparison , they seldom happen in the spring and the winter
( 3 )副高双脊线的地域性和季节性对41年副高双脊线现象进行统计,结果表明副高双脊线不是98年独有的特征,而是一种普遍现象,它的发生有显著的地域性和季节性:夏秋季( 7月? 9月)是双脊线事件最频繁的阶段,主要分布于印度洋中东部到中太平洋一带;而冬春季双脊线事件较少。
6.The comprehensive control of soil and water loess makes the seasonal distribution of river flow more even by reducing more in flooding season and less in non - flooding season . the paper proposed a method to analyze the impact of the integrated control of soil and water loess on flood flow in a large - scale catchment
7.Regional photochemical reaction is weak over this area , to a great extent , the atmospheric background condition influences to the variation of surface o3 , tthe variation of vertical wind speed is significant to surface o3 , from seasonal distribution of vertical wind , it appears upward air current in winter , spring and autumn , repectively , while it is mainly downward in summer , it is favorable to the o3 transport from stratosphere layer . at walilguan , the variation of humidity impacts a little on surface o3 , the relationship between surface o3 and wind speed is relatively complicated , by correlation statistic analyze , it is sure that the wind speed is not one of the important factor
( 2 )瓦里关地区局地光化学反应较弱,地面o _ 3在很大程度上受大气背景状况的影响; ( 3 )垂直风变化对地面o3日变化影响较大,从垂直风季节分布看,春、秋、冬三个季节为上升气流,而夏季下沉气流则很旺盛,这种分布有利于平流层o _ 3向下的输送; ( 5 )湿度对地面o _ 3贡献并不明显; ( 6 )各季节水平风速与地面o _ 3之间的关系较为复杂,不同季节相关分析表明,水平风速并不是影响地面o _ 3变化的主要因子之一。
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