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Chinese translation for "rotary wafer switch"


Related Translations:
wafer grain:  盘状夹心装药
rotary squeeze:  回转锻造
rotary actuator:  摆动马达摆动液压马达旋转式激励器旋转执行器转动装置
rotary oiler:  旋转加油器
rotary helper:  司钻助手
rotary chain:  转盘传动链条
rotary charger:  旋转式装料机
rotary die:  转模
rotary barker:  鼓式剥皮机,圆筒剥皮机
rotary elevator:  旋转式升降机
Example Sentences:
1.Sectional specification for rotary wafer switches for telecommunication
2.Rotary wafer switches , diameter 17 mm , 12 positions , radial soldering terminals ; main dimensions
径向焊接终端直径为17 mm的12部位旋转式晶片开关
3.Rotary wafer switches 17 mm diameter ; 10 and 12 positions axial soldering ; dimensions , ratings , requirements and tests
4.Electromechanical components for electronic equipment of assessed quality . rotary wafer switches . general requirements
5.Rotary wafer switches 12 31 mm , 12 positions ; soldering terminals , rectangular to the driving shaft ; dimensions , ratings , requirements , tests
12位置12 31 mm旋转式晶片开关.与转动轴成直角的
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