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Chinese translation for "rotary volunteers"


Related Translations:
volunteer doner of blood:  志愿献血者
rotary oiler:  旋转加油器
rotary helper:  司钻助手
rotary charger:  旋转式装料机
rotary baffle:  旋转挡板
rotary resistance:  转动阻力
rotary damper:  日本原装旋转型缓冲器
rotary acceleration:  旋转加速度
rotary international:  扶轮国际扶轮社国际国际扶轮社
rotary teeth:  回转齿
Example Sentences:
1.Encourage clubs to recognize a rotary volunteer
2.At the club level , rotary volunteers is centered within the community
3.How do individual grants relate to grants for rotary volunteers
4.Q : how do individual grants relate to grants for rotary volunteers
5.Also of interest : the new rotary volunteers video ( see what ' s new , page 8 )
相关资讯:新的扶轮义工录影带(参见第48页的新出版品) 。
6.As of july 1992 , under what avenue of service does the rotary volunteers program fall
7.The district committee also assists clubs in setting up their own rotary volunteers systems
8.The rotary volunteers program through rotary international provides two resources to support rotarian volunteers
9.The rotary volunteers international site database contains rotary projects worldwide that are seeking volunteers
10.The ri board has established a limit of up to 1 percent of the total number of rotarians in any district who may serve as registered rotary volunteers
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