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Chinese translation for "rotary viscometer"


Related Translations:
electrical viscometer:  电粘度计
rotary oiler:  旋转加油器
rotary helper:  司钻助手
rotary charger:  旋转式装料机
rotary baffle:  旋转挡板
rotary resistance:  转动阻力
rotary damper:  日本原装旋转型缓冲器
rotary acceleration:  旋转加速度
rotary international:  扶轮国际扶轮社国际国际扶轮社
rotary teeth:  回转齿
Example Sentences:
1.Mrv mini rotary viscometer
2.Viscometry ; determination of viscosities and flow curves using standard design rotary viscometers with a standard geometry measuring system
3.A ndj - 4 type rotary viscometer made in shanghai has been ameliorated and calibrated , and a set of important rheological parameters for the evaluation of rheological properties of slurries has been obtained
1 、对国产ndj - 4型旋转粘度计的改良、校验及其重要流变学参数估算。
4.Boron coated with different content ap on the rheological properties of the slurry containing 30 % boron have been carried out with the help of the sv2 / sv2fl measuring system in haake rotary viscometer . the experimental results reveal that the rheological properties of the slurry of boron coated with 20 % ap is best , namely , the slurry has a good levelability and a long pot life . the optimum conditions in the preparation of the boron - based propellant with 30 % boron in weight were obtained , and a technical and theoretical foundation has been established for the formulae determination
3 、用进口haake旋转粘度仪对不同包覆硼粉在硼含量为30以上的实验配方药浆中的流变特性研究,筛选出用20 ap包覆的硼粉所制成的药浆不仅流平性好而且适用期长,同时找到了含硼量为30的高含硼量推进剂药浆成功研制的成熟工艺过程及条件,为配方的进一步定型奠定了较扎实的技术和理论基础。
5.By applying four kinds of fluids and through contrasting the relevant parameters measured by rotary viscometer with the calculation results from funnel viscometer and rotary viscometer , it is indicated that the funnel viscometer is of relatively high measuring accuracy and can be well applied to the rheological design of drilling fluid
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