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Chinese translation for "rotary cylinder"


Related Translations:
rotary oiler:  旋转加油器
rotary helper:  司钻助手
rotary charger:  旋转式装料机
rotary baffle:  旋转挡板
rotary resistance:  转动阻力
rotary damper:  日本原装旋转型缓冲器
rotary acceleration:  旋转加速度
rotary international:  扶轮国际扶轮社国际国际扶轮社
rotary teeth:  回转齿
rotary oscillation:  回转摆动旋转摆动
Example Sentences:
1.Rotary cylinder oscillating
2.Hydraulic rotary cylinders
3.In this papei , a new sliding vane compressor with a pinned rotary cylinder is presented
4.The stress of the sliding vane , the axe and the valve are analyzed through ansys , finite element analysis software . it is certain that this paper is of some reference value in designing such kind of sliding vane compressor with a spliced rotary cylinder
5.A new sliding vane compressor with a pinned rotary cylinder driving the rolling piston is presented in this paper . this paper analyzes the structure characters and the structure parameters of the new sliding vane compressor with a pinned rotary cylinder driving the rolling piston by means of contrasting with other compressors . a means that designs the suction and exhaust in the new sliding vane compressor with solid works and excel is brought forward
本文介绍了一种新型结构的滑片压缩机? ?转缸驱动转子滑片压缩机,通过与其它型式压缩机在结构及工作过程上的对比,详细分析了这种压缩机的结构特点和结构参数,并提出了一种结合三维软件solidworks和电子表格excel设计吸排气口的新方法。
6.Contrasting with the sliding vane compressor and the rolling piston type rotary compressor , the character of the new structure and its working principle are introduced in detail . the facts that affect its working process have been analyzed . the kinetic process of the sliding vane and rotary cylinder are studied
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