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Chinese translation for "quarter hour"


Related Translations:
quarter:  n. 1.四分之一。 ★3/4通常不说 three-fo ...  detail>>
hour:  n. 1.小时,钟头。 2.时间,时刻。 3.一小时的行 ...  detail>>
quartered:   adj. 1.四分的,四等分的。 2.提供住处的。 3.(把木头)纵向锯...  detail>>
winter quarters:  〔pl.〕【军事】冬营地。   detail>>
quarter note:  【音乐】四分音符。   detail>>
quarter bound:   adj. 皮脊[布脊]装订的。   detail>>
quarter saw:   vt. 把(木头)打直锯成四块。   detail>>
rough quarter:  (of the town) 城市的贫民区。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.His majesty's ambassador was with me, and the conversation, which roamed over a large variety of topics, lasted two and quarter hours .
2.There goes another quarter hour
3.Courses for less than five - quarter hours meet for fewer hours per week
4.We don ' t think he can complete this distance in a quarter hour , but he succeed
5.A phenomenon of audience behavior usually expressed as the ratio of a station ' s cumulative audience to its average quarter hour audience
6.A quarter hour after downloading meschach , i was making , filling , and displaying matrices the moral equivalent of creating a
7.From the hall the clock calling out the quarter hour , then a moment of stillness - time stalling - before , faintly , the clock in her study responded
8.In the three 11 - week term , classes for five quarter hours of credit meet four full hours per week , and laboratore courses meet five full hours per week
在这三个学期(每期11周)内, 5学分课程每周须修满4课时,实验课程每周须修满5课时。
9.Time difference in quarter hours between local time ( as expressed in the first 13 octets ) and utc ( universal time constant ) time ( 00 - 48 )
当地时间与utc时间的差值(单位是1 / 4小时) ,咱们中国的是东八区, 8 * 4 = 32个四分之一小时, +号表示比格林威治时间晚。
10.She had realised with the lapse of the quarter hours that drouet was not coming , and somehow she felt a little resentful , a little as if she had been forsaken - was not good enough
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