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Chinese translation for "prey upon"


Related Translations:
preys:  普雷
prey prey:  被捕食动物
prey:  n.1.被捕食的动物。2.牺牲者,牺牲品。3.捕获;捕食;〔古语〕战利品,掠夺品,赃物。短语和例子a prey to circumstances 境遇的牺牲品。 a beast [bird] of prey 肉食兽[鸟],猛兽[禽]。 become the prey of=fall a prey to 被…捕食;成了…的牺牲品;被…所俘;被…折磨 (He fell a pr
prey chia:  波雷贾
prey pique:  灯芯布坯
prey chruk:  波雷芝鲁
mlu prey:  姆卢波雷
preying animal:  掠食动物
prey chan:  波雷占
prey char:  波雷乍
Example Sentences:
1.Anger had preyed upon me continually for weeks .
2.Care preyed upon her health .
3.He saw that they sought to prey upon his riches and his youth .
4.It was from this lady, who was very free in her conversation, that huxter presently learnt what was the illness which was evidently preying upon little fan .
5.Our coasts were preyed upon by viking pirates
6.Our coasts were preyed upon by viking pirates
7.Stronger animals prey upon weaker ones
8.A poor water quality b unbalanced nutrition c lack of feed d shrimp being preyed upon while molting
9.Aids disproportionately affects women and preys upon the vulnerable and less fortunate
10.For the prostitute reduces you to a loaf of bread , and the adulteress preys upon your very life
26 [和合]因为25妓女能使人只剩一块饼,淫26妇猎27取人宝贵的生命。
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