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Chinese translation for "plain cover"


Related Translations:
plain wren:  纯色苇鹪鹩
plain shank:  普通开沟器体
cut plain:  分割的层面平原均蚀平原侵蚀平原
etch plain:  刻蚀平原
plain bed:  无槽机座
taffeta plain:  素塔夫绸
plain rod:  平连杆
tectonic plain:  构造平原
plain asphalt:  纯地沥青普通沥青
great plains:  大草原美国中央大平原密西西比河以西之大平原区
Example Sentences:
1.The gran chaco is an alluvial plain covered with grass and hardwood forest in northeastern argentina , northwestern paraguay and southeastern bolivia
2.There was a general disappointment among the passengers , who , without reckoning the delay , saw themselves compelled to trudge fifteen miles over a plain covered with snow
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