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Chinese translation for "phosphorus chloride"


Related Translations:
phosphorus:  n.1.【化学】磷。2.磷光体 (=phosphor)。
phosphorus bacteria:  磷细菌
phosphorus trichloride:  三氯化磷
radioastive phosphorus:  放射性磷, 磷32
canton phosphorus:  广k病迹龋浴娇病迹龋裕兀獭讲k坎磷
ferro phosphorus:  磷铁合金
labeled phosphorus:  标记磷
Example Sentences:
1.Specialty chemical producer in china specializing in salicylaldehyde , coumarin , and other aromatic aldehydes , as well as phosphorus chloride and oxychloride and organophosphorus compounds
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