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Chinese translation for "phosphorus and potassium"


Related Translations:
phosphorus:  n.1.【化学】磷。2.磷光体 (=phosphor)。
phosphorus bacteria:  磷细菌
phosphorus trichloride:  三氯化磷
radioastive phosphorus:  放射性磷, 磷32
canton phosphorus:  广k病迹龋浴娇病迹龋裕兀獭讲k坎磷
ferro phosphorus:  磷铁合金
labeled phosphorus:  标记磷
Example Sentences:
1.Farmland nutrient balance of nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium in gansu
2.Annual changing patterns of nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium contents in leaves of cyclamen persicum
3.Study on the absorption law of nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium of different generation virus - free potatoes
4.Effect of nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium application on yield and qualities of xinhai 16 super sea cotton
5.Study on the influence of soybeans ' output and benefit by different matching of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in west semiarid of heilongjiang
6.This product can supply general dissolved nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium , etc , thus to keep nourishment balance and physical function normal
7.They are moderately well drained with a fluctuating water table and contain low amounts of organic matter , phosphorus and potassium and
受地下水位波动影响,土壤排水程度中等,有机质、磷和钾含量低(表2 、 3 ) 。
8.The old root absorbed more than 60 % of the required water , nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium of rice plants , while the new roots did less than 40 %
老根吸收60 %以上水稻所需的水分、氮、磷和钾,而新根只吸收不到40 % 。
9.The soil types of haibei research station are dominated by alpine shrub soil and alpine meadow soil in three rich elements as nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium
10.Nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be used inproper proportions fertilizing for leaf - vegetables and should be used asbasic manure ; appling only nitrogen manure was sure to cause accumulation of nitrate easily
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