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Chinese translation for "perfect mapping"

完全映射perfectadj. 1.完全的,完美的;圆满的,理想的;纯粹的。 ...mappingn. 【数学】映像,映射。

Related Translations:
perfect choro:  完美竞赛完美可爱赛车perfectadj. 1.完全的,完美的;圆满的,理想的;纯粹的。 ...
perfect fan:  完美歌迷perfectadj. 1.完全的,完美的;圆满的,理想的;纯粹的。 ...fann. 〔美俚〕(运动,影迷,球迷)狂热爱好者;狂慕者。 ...
perfect competition:  完全竟争完全竞争完善竞争
perfect skin:  完美的皮肤perfectadj. 1.完全的,完美的;圆满的,理想的;纯粹的。 ...skinn. 1.(人体的)皮,皮肤。 2.〔口语〕皮肉;肉体, ...
perfect world:  完美的世界完美世界perfectadj. 1.完全的,完美的;圆满的,理想的;纯粹的。 ...worldn.;地球。 2.万物;天地,宇宙;天体。 3 ...
perfect conductivity:  理想导电性perfectadj. 1.完全的,完美的;圆满的,理想的;纯粹的。 ...conductivityn. 【物理学】传导性[力],传导率;导电率[性,系数] ...
perfect stuff:  符合规定配比的混合浆完全纸料perfectadj. 1.完全的,完美的;圆满的,理想的;纯粹的。 ...stuffn. 1.材料,原料,资料;〔美剧〕脚本,台词。 2.要 ...
perfect moment:  杉菜与花泽类之歌完美时刻
perfect modulation:  完全调制perfectadj. 1.完全的,完美的;圆满的,理想的;纯粹的。 ...modulationn. 调整,调节;(声调的)抑扬,变化;【音乐】转调,变 ...
perfect neutrality:  完全中立perfectadj. 1.完全的,完美的;圆满的,理想的;纯粹的。 ...neutralityn. 1.中立;中立地位;不偏不倚。 2.【化学】中性; ...
Example Sentences:
1.We believe that this kind of model can support more perfect mapping between design and implementation , it is also the purpose of the model
2.It is a main task of general topology to compare different spaces . mappings which connect different spaces are important tools to complete it . which mapping preserves some special generalized metric space is a basic probleme in investigating generalized metric spaces by mappings . g - first countable spaces and g - metri / able spaces have many important topological properities so to investigate which mapping preserves them is very necessary . in [ 7 ] , clnian liu and mu - ming dai prove that open - closed mappings preserve g - metri / able spaces ; whether open mappings preserve g - first countable spaces is an open probleme asked by tanaka in [ 6 ] . in [ 4 ] , sheng - xiang xia introduces weak opewn mappings and investigates the relations between them and 1 - sequence - covering mappings . in the second section of this article , we investigate weak open mappings have the relations with other mappings and prove that the finite - to - one weak open mappings preserve g - first countable , spaces and weak open closed mapping preserve g - metrizable spaces . in the third section , we investigate an example to show that perfect mappings do not preserve g - first countable spaces , g - metrizable spaces , sn - first countable spaces and sn - metrizable spaces
在文献[ 4 ]中,夏省祥引进了弱开映射,并研究了它和1 -序列覆盖映射的关系。本文在第二节研究了弱开映射与序列商映射,几乎开映射的关系,证明了有限到一的弱开映射保持g -第一可数空间;弱开闭映射保持g -度量空间。第三节研究了文献[ 5 ]中的一个例子,证明了完备映射不保持g -第一可数空间, g -度量空间, sn -第一可数空间, sn -度量空间。
3.Fairly important covers have point - countable bases , weakly bases , k - networks , sequence - neighbourhood networks and so on . fairly important mappings have quotient s - mappings , closed s - mappings , open mappings , open - and - closed mappings , com - pact - and - open mappings , perfect mappings , countable bi - quotient mappings , compact mappings
比较重要的覆盖有点可数基,弱基, k网,序列邻域网;比较重要的映射有商s映射,闭s映射,开映射,开闭映射,紧开映射,完备映射,可数双商映射,紧映射。
4.While developing mapping system , a perfect mapping system can be finally accomplished with the method of the cross - platform ( using the gis software and visual language at the same tune namely ) to integrate all the advantages of each form so as to integrate friendly interface with powerfully mappings function
在开发制图系统时,采用跨平台的方法,即同时采用gis基础软件和可视化语言,集成各自的优点,可以整合友好界面与强大制图功能,开发出较完善的制图系统。 oleautomation (也称ole自动化)技术,是activex技术的核心。
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