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Chinese translation for "path sensitization"


Related Translations:
storm path:  风暴路径
path selector:  路径选择器, 信道选择器信道选择器
ray path:  射线轨迹射线路径,光程
wind path:  风道风路
clin path:  pathology]临床病理学临床病理学
mail path:  邮递路径邮件路径邮件路由:邮件从发送人到接收人所经过站点的清单
configure paths:  配置路径设置路径
incisal path:  切道
bicycle path:  自行车/脚踏车/单车专用道自行车道
Example Sentences:
1.The dissertation proposes the stimulus generation algorithm for cell characterization . based on the function analysis of cells and referred to multi - path sensitization algorithm , the algorithm provides logic stimuli for cell characterization
2.It combines boolean algebra expression with time information to describe behavior of a digital circuit . it has made substantive progress at path sensitization , power dissipation estimation , iddt and delay fault diagnosis . theoretically , it is necessary to establish some mathematical foundation in order to define distance , limit and continuity based on boolean process
它将布尔代数与时间结合起来,为异步性描述提供了比较形式的理论基础,并在通路敏化、电源消耗的计算、动态电流测试方法( i _ ( ddt ) ) 、时延故障诊断等方面取得了实质性的进展。
3.It is noticed that the definitions of limit and difference of waveforms reflect path sensitization in a circuit . it is interesting to note the consistency between this theory and the reality . to deduce the properties and applications of converse operations or generalized converse operations of waveform operations in waveform space
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