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Chinese translation for "painting room"

paintingn. 1.绘画;(一张)油画,水彩画。 2.画法;绘画艺 ...roomn. 1.室,房间。 2.场所,席位,位置,地位,空间。 ...

Related Translations:
painting:  n.1.绘画;(一张)油画,水彩画。2.画法;绘画艺术。3.上色,着色;搽胭脂;涂漆。4.颜料,油漆,涂料。短语和例子traditional Chinese painting 中国画。
paint:  n.1.颜料;涂料;油漆。2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭脂;(化装用的)油彩。3.彩色;装饰,虚饰。短语和例子powder and paint 粉和胭脂。 a luminous [phosphorescent] paint 发光涂料。 as fresh as paint 精神焕发;强壮的。 as smart as paint 非常漂亮。 Fresh P- 〔美国〕=Wet pa
painted:  adj.1.画的;着了色的。2.油漆了的。3.色彩鲜明的。4.搽了脂粉的。5.假的,虚饰的。短语和例子painted china 彩釉瓷器。 the P- Desert 美国亚利桑那州的红土荒地。 a painted sepulchre 伪君子。 a painted woman 〔美国〕妓女。
oil painting:  画油画,油画法。oiln. 1.油;油类;油状物〔一般是不可数名词,表示种类时 ...paintingn. 1.绘画;(一张)油画,水彩画。 2.画法;绘画艺 ...
yellow paint:  黄铅油;黄色油漆。yellowadj. 1.黄(色)的。 2.皮肤黄的;蒙古[黄色]人 ...paintn. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭 ...
water paint:  水粉涂料。watern. 1.水;雨水;露;〔常作 pl. 〕 矿泉,温泉; ...paintn. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭 ...
landscape painting:  风景画(法)。landscapen. 1.风景,景致。 2.山水画,风景画,风景摄影。 ...paintingn. 1.绘画;(一张)油画,水彩画。 2.画法;绘画艺 ...
finger paint:  作手指画用的颜料。fingern. 1.指头,手指〔一般指拇指以外的手指〕。 2.指状 ...paintn. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭 ...
grease paint:  (化妆用的)油彩。greasen. 1.(炼出的)动物脂,油脂;【机械工程】脂膏,滑脂 ...paintn. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化妆品;香粉;口红;胭 ...
spray painting:  喷漆;喷涂;喷刷。
Example Sentences:
1." l like the smell of a freshly painted room as much as the next guy
2.Paint room paint locker
3.Spray , paint room
4.The equipment in spray - paint room are for the use of people who are above spray - paint group leaders
5.Spray - paint system : automatic paint spraying gun , automatic static spraying gun , all kinds of water curtain spray - paint room , water revolving spray paint room , “ ” spray - paint room
6.There are five well - equipped exhibition halls , an international conference hall with audio - visual and simultaneous with constant temperature and humidity , a book archive , a public reading room , a painting room , a meeting room , a painting gallery and a haisu bookstore
7.Mepc ' s professional laboratories include : avid nonlinear editing studio , apple computer classroom , animation computer classroom , video & audio studio , animation studio , new media studio , photography studio , darkroom , multimedia classroom , painting room and two animation classrooms
专业实验室包括: avid非线性编辑机房、苹果机房、动画机房、视音频工作室、动画工作室、新媒体演播室、摄影棚、摄影暗房、多媒体教室、画室及2间动画专业专用教室。
8.Yuanfeng new building material co . , ltd . is one of the biggest thermal insulation material producers in south china with annual output at 2 million square meters . established in 2000 , the water - proof roof laminboard , purifying laminboard and other products made by the company are widely used in roof and wall panels for big span structure factory building , exhibition hall , purifying workshop , warehouse , combined house , indoor partition , building top attachment , refrigerator , automobile painting room , refrigeration frame and other buildings
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