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Chinese translation for "pack assembly"


Related Translations:
pack:  短语和例子 pack2 n. 1.包,捆;行李;驮子。 ...  detail>>
assembly:  n. 1.集合。 2.集会。 3.会众。 4.〔A-〕立 ...  detail>>
pack packing:  包装  detail>>
packing:   n. 1.包装,打包,打行李,包扎;包装材料,包装用品;包装法。 2.(...  detail>>
packed:  包,紧缩; 包装的;填密的; 包装了的; 成组的; 充满的; 挤得满满的; ...  detail>>
packs:  医院用包装  detail>>
moderator assembly:  减速[慢化]剂块; 慢化剂组件  detail>>
claw assembly:  抓片部件  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Specification for stuffing tubes , nylon ; and packing assemblies metric
2.The solution of fixed setting assembly dimension chain based on packed assembly
3.Standard specification for stuffing tubes , nylon , and packing assemblies metric
4.In allusion to the leaking of packing of gate valve , this paper presents technical improvement measures in properly selecting packing material and varying the structure of packing assembly
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