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Chinese translation for "our news"


Related Translations:
our corner:  我们的角落
our party:  我们党
our love:  别扔掉我们的爱我们的爱
our mansion:  我们的公馆
ballade our adaline:  给爱德琳的诗
deserve our vigilance:  值得警惕
change our minds:  改变心意
threaten our life:  威胁我们的生命
in our neighborhood:  在我们附近
our class teacher:  我们的班主任
Example Sentences:
1.Read all our news
2.Our group our news
3.From time to time we may use the information which you have supplied above to send you our news
4.Just as our news photographs must reflect reality , so too should our captions
5.If the existing issues in our news weekly could be solved , it will make a better progress in our country
6.A continuous stream of visitors came to our booth throughout the exhibition , asking for our news magazines and sample booklets
7.If you do not want to continue to receive our news letters , please cancel the subscription by keying in your e - mail
8.Exactly how our news magazines can improve themselves to gain credibility has become a very pressing problem
9.Our news scanners are well trained to monitor any type of story about your company , your competitors , or your industry
10.Looking for more information about ndd group ? please check our news section , where you ' ll find lots of latest information
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