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Chinese translation for "our corner"


Related Translations:
our party:  我们党
our news:  我们的新闻报
our love:  别扔掉我们的爱我们的爱
our mansion:  我们的公馆
ballade our adaline:  给爱德琳的诗
deserve our vigilance:  值得警惕
change our minds:  改变心意
threaten our life:  威胁我们的生命
in our neighborhood:  在我们附近
our class teacher:  我们的班主任
Example Sentences:
1.Our corner shop charges high prices and is open all hours ; it must be a gold mine for its owners
2.Also , surprisingly our corner booth was located near the entry exit point , and very close to a rest area
3.The blue fuse burns deadly between hands and burns clear . loose tobacco shreds catch fire : a flame and acrid smoke light our corner
4.From our corner of el salvador , we respectfully extend our heartfelt appreciation to your association . thank you for your kindness and your sacred love for humankind
5.Nevertheless , we do not need to do that . we can just sit in our corner , in a quiet corner of our bedroom and send out good thoughts , good vibrations , powerful blessing into the world and the universe at large
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