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Chinese translation for "on bravery"


Related Translations:
bravery:  n.1.勇敢,英勇,大胆,刚毅。2.华丽,美装;盛装。短语和例子girls in Sunday bravery 服装华丽的姑娘们。
the bravery:  勇者无畏
no bravery:  勇气不再
unrivaled in bravery:  无比英勇
aura of bravery:  勇气光环
bravery and carefulness:  勇敢与谨慎
medal for bravery:  金英勇勋章铜英勇勋章
bravery and courage:  勇敢与勇气
bravery saves the day:  危急关头勇者在144
win a distinction for bravery:  因表现英勇而获得勋章
Example Sentences:
1.In the army we place a premium on bravery , courage and wisdom , while cowards are looked down upon
2.You may be the expression that suffer from cholecystitis or is alcoholism , the proposal goes to a hospital doing b to exceed an examination , probable it is the defect on bravery , should cause take seriously , one - time cure , do not drink , do not eat the hot food with deepfry , do not eat an egg
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