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Chinese translation for "old irish"

oldadj. (-er; -est; 表示兄弟姊妹关系时用 ...irishadj. 爱尔兰的;爱尔兰人的;爱尔兰语的。 too ( ...

Related Translations:
irish free state:  (1922-1937)爱尔兰自由邦。irishadj. 爱尔兰的;爱尔兰人的;爱尔兰语的。 too ( state1.(美国南北战争前的)自由州,不蓄奴地区。 2.爱尔兰 ...
old spanish:  古西班牙语。oldadj. (-er; -est; 表示兄弟姊妹关系时用 ...spanishn. 1.西班牙语。 2.〔the Spanish〕西班 ...
old socks:  〔美俚〕老兄〔爱称〕。oldadj. (-er; -est; 表示兄弟姊妹关系时用 ...sockn. 〔英学俚〕食品,零食,点心。 vt.,vi. (请 ...
old wife:  唠唠叨叨的老太婆。oldadj. (-er; -est; 表示兄弟姊妹关系时用 ...wifen. (pl. wives ) 1.妻。 2.〔古语〕女 ...
old hand:  熟练工人;老手 (at);惯犯,老犯 (an old hand at the game 此道老手)。oldadj. (-er; -est; 表示兄弟姊妹关系时用 ...handn. 1.手;(猴子等的)脚;(一般四足兽的)前脚。 2 ...
old jamica:  【航海】太阳。oldadj. (-er; -est; 表示兄弟姊妹关系时用 ...
old folks:  〔美马戏团〕猴子。oldadj. (-er; -est; 表示兄弟姊妹关系时用 ...folkn. (pl. folks, folk ) 1.(常fo ...
old catholic:  老罗马天主教徒〔1870年罗马天主教徒所组成的教派,不接受教皇圣明论〕。oldadj. (-er; -est; 表示兄弟姊妹关系时用 ...catholicadj. 1.天主教的。 2.〔c-〕统括一切的,普遍的 ...
old masters:  英国美术院冬季展览。old master古代画家,(特指)18世纪前的大画家(或其作品)。
old saw:  老话,民间格言。oldadj. (-er; -est; 表示兄弟姊妹关系时用 ...sawn. 1.锯,锯机。 2. 【动物;动物学】锯齿状器官 ...
Example Sentences:
1.She ' s this funny old irish lady named mrs . connelly ,
2.Her veil was made from 100 - year - old irish lace
3.She ' s this funny old irish iady named mrs . connelly ,
4.Written literature in old irish dates from the sixth century
5.This comes from an old irish story about a man jack who was very stingy
6.That s very interesting because that brother motive , don t you know , we find also in the old irish myths
7." may god starve ye yet , " yelled an old irish woman , who now threw open a nearby window and stuck out her head
“愿上帝饿死你们, ”一个爱尔兰老太婆喊道,这时她打开附近的一扇窗户,伸出头来。
8.This mixture is made from an old irish recipe dating back to 1880 and is one of the finest tobaccos smoked in the time of sherlock holmes
9.Her veil was made from 100 - year - old irish lace . prince frederik , 35 , in a formal danish naval uniform , was visibly moved by the occasion , wiping away tears as he smiled , waiting for his bride
10.All those who are interested in the spread of human culture among the lower animals and their name is legion should make a point of not missing the really marvellous exhibition of cynanthropy given by the famous old irish red wolfdog setter formerly known by the sobriquet of garryowen and recently rechristened by his large circle of friends and acquaintances owen garry
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