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Chinese translation for "observantly"

Example Sentences:
1.Children are very observant . observantly adv
2.Gentlemen , said her husband , who had kept his bright eye observantly upon her , good day
“先生们, ”她的丈夫那双明亮的眼睛一直仔细盯着她,现在说道, “日安。
3.Well , you talk , you try ! and the count turned to the cook , who with a shrewd and respectful face looked observantly and sympathetically from father to son
4.Going through more than twenty years " s development , the taihua group gradually keep her feet in the market , facing the complex exterior environment observantly realize the importance and requirement of shaping the developing stratagem
5.The following measures should be carried out in the process of innovation : combining sightseeing and vacation perfectly , constructing integrated environment under the direction of extensive tourism concept , creating specialized vacation villages , responsing to the market change observantly
千岛湖度假产品创新应从以下几方面着手:有机结合观光与度假; “泛旅游”观念指导下的综合环境建设;打造专业化度假村;敏捷应对市场变化。
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