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Chinese translation for "observability index"

可观测指数indexn. (pl. -es, -dices ) 1.索引。 ...

Related Translations:
observability:  可观测性;能观测性可观察性
structural observability:  结构分解结构可观测性结构能观测性structuraladj. 构造上的,结构上的,组织上的。 adv. -l ...
complete observability:  完全可观测性,完全能观测性完全能观测性completeadj. 1.完全的;圆满的,全面的,全能的。 2.完成 ...
Example Sentences:
1.The nonrecursive algorithm is proved to terminate in finite steps and turn out to be a constant vector too . because two modifications estimated models are asymptotically uniformly nonsingular , thus the possible singularity in the adaptive pole placement systems is completely avoided . however the prior knowledge required is only the observability indices of systems , thus , the required prior knowledge is greatly reduced
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