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Chinese translation for "obsequies"

〔pl.〕 葬[丧]礼。
Example Sentences:
1.Obsequies ain t used in england no more now - it s gone out
2.And when he done it the third time he says : " i say orgies , not because it s the common term , because it ain t - obsequies bein the common term - but because orgies is the right term
他第三次这么提时,他说: “我说酒宴,倒并非因为这是通常的说法,恰恰不是的通常的说法是叫葬仪我这样说,因为酒宴是正确的词。
3.The boy gives warning something doth approach . what cursed foot wanders this way to - night , to cross my obsequies and true love ' s rite ? what with a torch ! muffle me , night , awhile
这孩子在警告我有人来了。哪一个该死的家伙在这晚上到这儿来打扰我在爱人墓前的凭吊?什么!还拿着火把来吗? ? ?让我躲在一旁看看他的动静。
4.And so he went a - mooning on and on , liking to hear himself talk , and every little while he fetched in his funeral orgies again , till the duke he couldn t stand it no more ; so he writes on a little scrap of paper , " obsequies , you old fool , " and folds it up , and goes to goo - gooing and reaching it over people s heads to him
此人就是爱听自己说话,所以唠唠叨叨没有个完。每隔一会儿,他又要提到殡葬酒宴这句话。后来,公爵实在受不了了,便在一张小纸片上写了几个字“是葬礼,你这个老傻瓜” ,折好了,便一边嘴里谷谷谷,一边从众人头上扔给他。
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