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Chinese translation for "nickel hydroxide"

氢氧化镍nickeln. 【化学】镍;〔美、加〕五分镍币;(一般)镍币。 a ...hydroxiden. 【化学】氢氧化物。

Related Translations:
nickelic hydroxide:  氢氧化高镍hydroxiden. 【化学】氢氧化物。
nickel benzoate:  苯甲酸镍nickeln. 【化学】镍;〔美、加〕五分镍币;(一般)镍币。 a ...benzoaten. 【化学】苯(甲)酸盐[酯]。
nickel bottom:  镍冰铜沉积物nickeln. 【化学】镍;〔美、加〕五分镍币;(一般)镍币。 a ...bottomn. 1.底,底部。 2.地基,基础;根底;底细,真相, ...
sintered nickel:  烧结镍sintern. 1.【地质学;地理学】泉华〔矿泉四周沉淀的结晶岩石 ...nickeln. 【化学】镍;〔美、加〕五分镍币;(一般)镍币。 a ...
nickel pellet:  镍珠nickeln. 【化学】镍;〔美、加〕五分镍币;(一般)镍币。 a ...pelletn. 1.(纸、面包等团成的)小球;小子弹;石弹;炮弹; ...
pearl nickel:  珍珠镍珍珠叻pearln., =purl2. nickeln. 【化学】镍;〔美、加〕五分镍币;(一般)镍币。 a ...
nickel black:  镍黑nickeln. 【化学】镍;〔美、加〕五分镍币;(一般)镍币。 a ...blackadj. 1.黑,黑色的。 2.暗的;黑暗的。 3.(教 ...
nickel fluoride:  氟化镍nickeln. 【化学】镍;〔美、加〕五分镍币;(一般)镍币。 a ...fluoriden. 【化学】氟化物。
nickel acetylacetonate:  乙酰丙酮镍nickeln. 【化学】镍;〔美、加〕五分镍币;(一般)镍币。 a ...
nickel electrolyte:  镍电解液nickeln. 【化学】镍;〔美、加〕五分镍币;(一般)镍币。 a ...electrolyten. 电解质,电离质,电解(溶)液。
Example Sentences:
1.The investigate to purifying nickel sulfate for producing nickel hydroxide
2.Structures of - nickel hydroxide and electrocatalytical properties of complex electrode
3.Preparation and characterization of nickel hydroxide nano - flakes via hydrothermal synthesis
4.Preparation of nano - scale nickel hydroxide with different shapes by coordination homogeneous precipitation method
5.Based on the theory of crystal growth , we realized effective control on the crystallizing process of nickel hydroxide by coordinate precipitation method
本文在晶体生长理论的基础上,采用配位沉淀法实现了对ni ( oh ) _ 2结晶过程的有效控制。
6.The results showed that the nickel hydroxide samples prepared in our experiment belong to p - ni ( oh ) 2 , with well - ordered crystal structure . the crystal structure of doped nickel hydroxide became disordered
而采用化学共沉积法掺杂co 、 zn等元素可以使ni ( oh ) _ 2晶体结构的有序性降低。
7.Experiments results showed that the doping of co can improve the electrochemical properties of nickel hydroxide and foam nickel electrode , such as discharge specific capacity , utilization of active material , cyclic performance
掺杂co可以明显提高泡沫镍电极的放电比容量,提高ni ( oh ) _ 2的活性物质利用率和充放电循环性能。
8.The preparation and structure properties of nickel hydroxide as a positive active material for the new types of foam and fibrous nickel electrodes and high capacity mh - ni alkaline rechargeable batteries were studied
本论文研究了mh - ni电池及高容量泡沫式和纤维式镍电极的活性材料ni ( oh ) _ 2的制备工艺条件以及不同的工艺条件对ni ( oh ) _ 2的各种物理性能及晶体结构的影响。
9.The preparation and electrochemical performance of nickel hydroxide as a positive active material for the high capacity mh / ni alkaline rechargeable batteries were studied . the research result in this paper has some significance for the further development of nickel electrode with good properties
本文对镍氢( mh / ni )碱性二次电池中所普遍使用的正极活性物质ni ( oh ) _ 2的制备和电化学行为进行了研究,对于进一步研制和开发综合性能优良的镍电极具有一定的实际意义。
10.2 ) the electrochemical performance of reduced samples was studied by constant - current charge - discharge , cyclic - voltammetry and potentiastatic pulse technique . the accumulative discharge capacity of partly reduced samples and these samples added proper amount of nickel hydroxide are lager than the capacity of i . c . nolemd added nickel hydroxide
2 )对还原产物进行了充放电,循环伏安,扩散系数的测定等电化学性能研究,结果表明:部分还原样以及掺了ni ( oh ) _ 2的部分还原样作为电极活性材料,其累积放电容量均高于普通的1
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