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Chinese translation for "neural tube"


Related Translations:
neural:  adj.【解剖学】神经(系统)的;神经中枢的;【解剖学】背的,背侧的。adv.-ly
neural canal:  【解剖学】神经沟。
neural arch:  【动物;动物学】髓弓。
neural network:  【计算机】模拟脑神经元网络〔一种模拟人脑神经细胞的电脑系统〕。
Example Sentences:
1.The neural tube then might induce the formation of still other embryonic structures .
2.In 100, 000 births, a screening program would avert 187 neural tube defects .
3.The prevention of neural tube defects
4.In 100 , 000 births , a screening program would avert 187 neural tube defects
在100 , 000婴儿中,一项筛检可避免187个神经管缺陷。
5.Experimental study on rats ' neural tube defects caused by cyclophosphamide and its mechanism
6.This large mid - thoracic meningomyelocele is another form of neural tube defect ( ntd )
7.The epidemiology of neural tube defects in high - prevalence and low - prevalence areas of china
8.Protective effect of oyster extract on apoptotic cells in neural tube defect induced by hyperthermia
9.A study on the changes of lectins receptors in neural tube defects of hamster induced by hyperthermia
10.It must be taken before and during early pregnancy when the neural tube is developing
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