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Chinese translation for "neural regeneration"


Related Translations:
neural:  adj.【解剖学】神经(系统)的;神经中枢的;【解剖学】背的,背侧的。adv.-ly
neural lamella:  神经膜
neural nest:  神经巢
neural scute:  椎板
neural fold:  神经折神经褶
neural graft:  神经组织移植
neural modification:  神经中枢变体
neural reinforcement:  神经强化
neural impulse:  并传导神经冲动神经冲动
neural lamina:  神经板
Example Sentences:
1.Dose - effect relationship between the ability of neural regeneration and radiation after re - implantation of invading sciatic nerve following one - off radiation in vitro
2.A male patient of 10 years old gave his chief complaint of slow movement and unclear vision in the xishan department of neural regeneration and functional reconstruction in beijing shijingshan district in october 16th 2005
0引言x -连锁肾上腺脑白质营养不良是一种遗传性代谢疾病,由于饱和极长链脂肪酸在过氧化酶体内-氧化障碍,以致饱和极长链脂肪酸在血、脑白质、肾上腺皮质等器官和组织大量积聚,引起中枢神经系统脱髓鞘和肾上腺皮质萎缩或发育不良。
3.As a member of this superfamily , human acidic fibroblast growth factor ( afgf or fgf1 ) , expressed by a variety of cells from all three germ layers , shows great potential for clinical applications for therapy of a variety of diseases , such as parkinson ' s disease , spinal cord contusion injury , neural regeneration in reimplantation of broken - off finger , brain ischemia , renal ischemia , myocardial infarction , occlusive vascularitis , retinal ischemia , gastric ulcer and nonhealing wound and so on
人类酸性成纤维细胞生长因子( afgf , fgf - 1 )是成纤维细胞生长因子超家族成员。来自于三个胚层的多种细胞都可以表达afgf 。 afgf在治疗帕金森综合症、急性脊柱扭曲性损伤、断指中神经功能重建、脑缺血、肾缺血、心肌梗塞、闭塞性脉管炎、视网膜缺血、胃溃疡及难愈合性伤口等多种临床应用方面具有巨大潜力。
4.Olfactory system is the few parts of the adult mammalian central nerve system where neural regeneration occurs all through life . oec is a kind of special glia located exclusively in the olfactory bulb , olfactory epithelium and olfactory nerve . it shares many properties of both astrocytes and schwann cells
嗅神经鞘细胞( olfactoryensheathingcells , oecs )是专一的分布在嗅神经,嗅上皮,嗅球的一种特殊的神经胶质细胞,兼具中枢神经系统( centralnervesystem , cns )星形胶质细胞和外周神经系统( peripherynervesystem , pns )雪旺氏细胞的特性。
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