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Chinese translation for "neural prosthesis"


Related Translations:
neural:  adj.【解剖学】神经(系统)的;神经中枢的;【解剖学】背的,背侧的。adv.-ly
neural lamella:  神经膜
neural nest:  神经巢
neural scute:  椎板
neural fold:  神经折神经褶
neural graft:  神经组织移植
neural modification:  神经中枢变体
neural reinforcement:  神经强化
neural impulse:  并传导神经冲动神经冲动
neural lamina:  神经板
Example Sentences:
1.The reading research team consists of about 20 scientists , including a neural prosthesis specialist , a cybernetics expert from the united states - based rehabilitation robots laboratory , and teams developing intelligent networks and biomedical signal processing software
2.The course is designed for graduate students and advanced undergraduate students who are interested in studying the nervous system and brain functions , as well as those studying in the areas of neuroscience and cognition , neural engineering , neural prosthesis and rehabilitation , biomedical signal processing , medical image processing , neural modeling , biological control systems , biomedical sensors , medical instrumentation and artificial intelligence
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