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Chinese translation for "national flavor"


Related Translations:
national:  adj. 1.民族的;国民的;国家的;国民特有的。 2. ...  detail>>
flavor:  n. 1.味,滋味。 2.风味,情趣,风趣。 3.〔古语 ...  detail>>
flavor formulation:  食用香精配方  detail>>
blended flavor:  混和香味  detail>>
sunlight flavor:  日晒味  detail>>
flavor powder:  精粉  detail>>
amber flavor:  琥珀情味  detail>>
cowyard flavor:  牛膻味  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.On national flavor in vocal music melody
2.Cheongsam features strong national flavor and embodies beauty of chinese traditional costume
3.Rooted in western literary criticism of feminism , chinese literary criticism of feminism has been endowed with distinctive national flavor by critics who have done substantial painstaking work to apply it to chinese cultural context
4.The two compositions that all absorbed tune take from five structure melodies as the subject which the western multi - sound technique writing , two subject tonality has also used the yunnan folk song " creek drips water " the tonality , has the extremely thick national flavor
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