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Chinese translation for "mountain zebra"


Related Translations:
zebra dolomite:  斑马纹白云岩条带白云岩
cheyenne mountain:  夏延山
mountain dragon:  古山龙塔斯马尼亚髭蜥
mountain noctule:  山蝠
mountain sheep:  【动物;动物学】野羊。
mountain glacier:  高山冰川;山岳冰川高山水冰川山地冰川(山岳冰川)山丘冰川山岳冰川
exfoliation mountain:  页片剥离山叶片剥离山
copper mountain:  科珀芒廷
cumbrian mountains:  坎布里亚山
roof mountain:  拱顶山
Example Sentences:
1.The harem strategy , generally followed by plains and mountain zebra as well as by feral horses , often provides a relatively safe environment in which mothers and their foals can thrive
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