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Chinese translation for "medal tally"


Related Translations:
tallying and merging:  清点和合并
commemorative medal:  纪念章
alvert medal:  阿伯特章
compton medal:  康普顿奖章
eckersberg medal:  埃克斯贝尔奖章
bronze medal:  铜牌〔通常奖给比赛优胜的第三名〕。
air medal:  空军奖章
frost medal:  克里莱曾获弗罗斯特奖章
august medal:  八月例赛
spingarn medal:  史宾岗奖
Example Sentences:
1.Yes , i know they won 15 gold medals and were ranked fourth in the gold medal tally
2.A medal tally will be produced daily , with counts totalled by country and , where appropriate , by region
在适当的地方,奖章得分每天将被生产,与由土地总计的计数并且, ,由区域。
3.It finished third in the medal tally in 2000 in sydney , australia , behind russia and the united states
4.This summer china is aiming to finish third in the gold medal tally while preparing a group of promising young athletes for the 2008 beijing olympics
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