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Chinese translation for "measurements and data"

计量与数据measurementn. 1.测量,计量,量度。 2.份量,尺寸,大小,宽度 ...and短语和例子 dance and delight = de ...datan. 1.资料,材料〔此词系 datum 的复数。但 d ...
Example Sentences:
1.Trajectory measurement and data processing based on non - uniplanar intersecting
2.Shock measurement and data processing methods for military electronic equipments
3.Double vision measurement and data analysis based on three coordinate measuring machine
4.The data measurement and data process modules are pivotal in the software development
5.This system consists of three main parts , data collection , frequent measurement and data showing
6.This aarticle is an introduction to a system for network flow measurement and data analysis , including it ' s design and primitive appliication
7.Through measurement and data regression analysis at shuibuya hydraulic project , the characteristics of stress field in complex rock mass are also revealed
8.This paper describes the non - contract high precision measuring method of thickness and the software programming method of computer aided measurement and data handling
9.Furthermore , because of the scarcity of measurements and data , our work has to be limited to investigating the effect of wave breaking on the ocean surface mixed layer by the numerical models
10.The precision of measurement and data processing is very high and the deflection of the system is very little . the effect of dynamic balancing of software precede the apparatus which based on single chip microcomputer
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