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Chinese translation for "map marker"


Related Translations:
map:  n. 1.地图;天体图;图。 2.〔美俚〕脸,面孔。 3 ...  detail>>
marker:  n. 1.作记号的人;打分数的人;记分器;划线器;指示器 ...  detail>>
complex marker:  复标记符  detail>>
marker bull:  试情公牛  detail>>
addtrack marker:  加入一个标记轨道  detail>>
snap marker:  刺点器  detail>>
genetic markers:  基因标记  detail>>
marker current:  标志电流  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Map markers are good to use for this , combined with some kind of visual reference that can be seen from the air
2.Map markers are as accurate as the player placing them , and with good players , they can be pin - point precise
3.The unit or individual responsible for taking care of the surveying and mapping markers shall inspect and examine if they are intact after employment
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