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Chinese translation for "map border"


Related Translations:
map:  n. 1.地图;天体图;图。 2.〔美俚〕脸,面孔。 3 ...  detail>>
border:  n. 1.边,缘,边沿,框。 2.边界,国界,国境,边境 ...  detail>>
inactive border:  非活动边框; 非现用窗口的框线; 非现用视窗的框线  detail>>
border checkers:  跳棋边框  detail>>
border light:  边界灯  detail>>
unpa borders:  联保区边界  detail>>
edulcoration border:  净边  detail>>
bordered surfaces:  加边曲面  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.The paper introduces the organizing program of the system in detail and the method for customizing microstation ; expatiates upon the building of map symbolic library and the automated realization process of map border decoration ; explains the design principle of input and output function and analyzes the technical methods for developing important digital map editing functions
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