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Chinese translation for "magic bullet"


Related Translations:
magic:  adj. 魔术的,巫术的,幻术的,不可思议的,有奇异魔力 ...  detail>>
bullet:  n. 1.子弹,弹头,弹丸;【矿物】取心弹,射孔弹。 2 ...  detail>>
bullet bait:  〔美俚〕无战斗经验的新兵;炮灰。   detail>>
explosive bullet:  炸裂弹。   detail>>
plastic bullet:  塑料子弹〔用于防暴〕。   detail>>
bullet alloy:  子弹合金〔含铅94%,锑6%〕。   detail>>
silver bullets:  1.〔美国〕市民认购的战时公债。 2.〔美口〕高招,好主意。   detail>>
bullet train:  (日本的)高速火车。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.So give me my magic bullet , and we ' re done here
2.Finally , keep in mind that data binding isn t always a magic bullet
3.Vliw isn ' t a magic bullet , but it ' s the new wave in microprocessor design
4." while we now can predict the fat pattern , we have no magic bullet to alter the outcome
5." there ' s still no magic bullet for the disease , for type 1 and type 2 , " said funtleyder . " there ' s no cure .
6.But this blow against internet piracy may not be the magic bullet that the industry hopes will end its malaise
7.E - government is no magic bullet , but it gives citizens and lobby groups more power to scrutinise government and highlight waste and dishonesty
8.Keep it in mind the next time you re facing an intractable performance optimization problem - it may just be the magic bullet that can save you a major redesign
9.With few exceptions , such as the discovery of insulin , “ magic bullets ” have played a minor role in the prevention , cure and palliation of lifestyle diseases
10.Whatever the “ magic bullet ” model , “ two - step flow ” , “ uses and gratifications ” , or “ agenda - setting ” , “ the silence spiral ” , all provide precious theoretical and empirical studies for us
无论是“魔弹论” 、 “两极传播” , “利用与满足理论” ,还是“议程设置” 、 “沉默的螺旋” ,都为大众媒介的研究提供了宝贵的研究范例。
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