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Chinese translation for "look serious"


Related Translations:
look:  vi. 1.看,注视,盯 (at). Look! 你瞧! ...  detail>>
serious:  adj. 1.严肃的;一本正经的;(人、脸等)庄重的。 ...  detail>>
not serious enough:  不够认真; 不够严肃  detail>>
look around:  朝四周看; 到处看; 东观西望; 东张西望; 环顾,寻找; 环顾四周; 环机...  detail>>
look house:  路客屋  detail>>
pleased look:  乐意的表情  detail>>
look scared:  面有惧色; 神色惶遽  detail>>
propeller look:  推进器制动器  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.She asked , looking serious and slightly sobered
2.You look serious ; is anything the matter
3.Byj is handsome from side view and looks serious
4.Minnie looked serious
5.Whatever lies behind them , certain items on the charge sheet look serious
6." he has been for a scan and it doesn ' t look serious - it ' s just a slight strain
“吉文已经做过扫描,伤势看上去不那么严重,只是轻微拉伤。 ”
7." we really struggle with comedy , " mr wright says , looking serious . " it ' s a troublesome issue .
“喜剧制作真难办, ”怀特看起来有些严肃, “这个问题很棘手。 ”
8.She had ventured only one glance at darcy . he looked serious , as usual ; and , she thought , more as he had been used to look in hertfordshire , than as she had seen him at pemberley
9.The senior villager looked serious . the salt in the campfire made no sound at all . convinced by this bad omen , he urged the whole team to set out immediately after daybreak . a young man in the group , however , insisted that they should not depart in such a hurry , deeming it absurdly superstitious to " forecast the weather by using salt "
大家都在等待长者的“天气预报” :若听到火中盐块发出的“噼里啪啦”的声响,那就是好天的预兆;若是毫无声息,那就象征天气即将变坏,风雨随时来临。
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