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Chinese translation for "look right"

右视角lookvi. 1.看,注视,盯 (at). Look! 你瞧! ...rightadj. 1.右,右方的,右侧的,右派的 (opp. l ...

Related Translations:
looking:  看,查看,调查样子lookvi. 1.看,注视,盯 (at). Look! 你瞧! ...
look:  vi.1.看,注视,盯 (at). Look! 你瞧!看哪! We looked but saw nothing. 我们看是在看,可是什么也没有看见。2.〔带有述语〕显得,好像。 look sick 显得有病的样子。 He does not look his age. 他看上去不像是有这个年纪的人。 He looks very tired. 他好像很疲倦。 He looks
look hurried:  神色紧张lookvi. 1.看,注视,盯 (at). Look! 你瞧! ...hurriedadj. 仓促的,慌忙的;草率的。 adv. -ly , ...
pitiable look:  可怜相pitiableadj. 1.可怜的。 2.可怜又可笑的,卑鄙的,不足取 ...lookvi. 1.看,注视,盯 (at). Look! 你瞧! ...
look around:  朝四周看到处看东观西望东张西望环顾,寻找环顾四周环机环视四周四处看看四顾四下张望向四处看向四周看,四处张望lookvi. 1.看,注视,盯 (at). Look! 你瞧! ...aroundadv. 1.周围,四面。 2.〔美口〕各处,四处。 3 ...
look to:  当心;指望负责,留意求助;有赖于;注意;照顾展望;指望照管;留心;指望照看, 注意, 指望照应注意lookvi. 1.看,注视,盯 (at). Look! 你瞧! ...toadv. 到某种状态;〔特指〕到停止状态;关闭。 ★也常 ...
look unperturbed:  神色怡然lookvi. 1.看,注视,盯 (at). Look! 你瞧! ...unperturbedadj. 没有受到扰乱的;平静的,镇定的。
louring looks:  怫然不悦的神情louringadj. 1.不高兴的。 2.恶劣的;阴沉的。 短语和例 ...lookvi. 1.看,注视,盯 (at). Look! 你瞧! ...
looked uto:  尊敬lookvi. 1.看,注视,盯 (at). Look! 你瞧! ...
putty looking:  adj.带灰色的。puttyn. 1.油灰〔装窗玻璃等用〕。 2.(擦玻璃或金属用的 ...lookvi. 1.看,注视,盯 (at). Look! 你瞧! ...
Example Sentences:
1.It wouldn't look right if i was earning more than he was .
2.She looked right into his face with liquid, untranslatable eyes .
3.She put her hands up to her cheeks, but her eyes seemed to look right into him .
4.At the time, she was looking right at eleanor, who we thought could handle any jobincluding the presidency .
5.They pointed out that it just didn't look right to rush into a new marriage when the old marriage had hardly cooled off .
6.Look right now we re at 800 calories a day
7.Look right now we ` re at 800 calories a day
8.The sign may vary to give the advice look right
9.If it looks right on the screen , then it is right
10.When i ve looked right through , to see you naked and oblivious
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