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Chinese translation for "localize search"


Related Translations:
localized:  定位的探测的局部化的集中的使地方化的限局性的限于局部的
localize:  vt.1.使局限于某一地方[局部];使(军队)分驻各地。2.定位,定域。3.地方化,添地方色彩。4.集中(注意等)(upon)。5.找出(部位、原因、地点等)。6.〔美国〕写本地新闻。vi.局限,集中。
localized breakdown:  局部击穿
localizing electrode:  定位电极, 疗用电极
localized application:  局部施药法
localized vector:  局限矢量束缚向量
localized mass:  集中质量
localized mesothelioma:  局限性间皮瘤
localized paresthesia:  局部感觉异常
localized level:  定域能级
Example Sentences:
1.European portal , with localized search and content solutions spanning many languages and countries . enables you to search " the best of " the american content
-包括各类资讯,购物,游戏方面的内容,以及电子邮箱,即时通讯, blog门户服务。
2.Consequently , some discussion on search engine has been made , including the search effects and existing questions , developing situations and development in addition , put forward some new development direction of search engine technology , such as intelligent search , personalizing search , structured search , vertical professional search and localizing search
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