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Chinese translation for "localization theory"


Related Translations:
absolute localization:  绝对定位
germinal localization:  胚区定位
language localization:  语言区位化
localization method:  定位法
depth localization:  深度定位
localization strategy:  本土化战略
software localization:  本土化软件
sound localization:  声定位声源定位
localization kit:  本地化工具包
Example Sentences:
1.The acquirement and characteristics of hrtf is discussed in detail , thereby , the localization theory is studied further
2.Since localization is the emphasis of 3d sound technology , traditional localization theory is discussed , after analyzing its shortage head - related transfer function ( hrtf ) localization theory is presented
由于定位是三维声音技术的重点,所以,介绍了传统定位理论,并在分析其不足后引入了头部关联传递函数( head - relatedtransferfunction , hrtf )的定位理论。
3.For this , firstly , the text analyzes the theories of the small business internationalization management on the basis of the globalization of the world economy , and mainly demonstrates the advantage and possibility with the small business internationalization management with the small scale technique theory and the technique localization theory
4.At the same time it inverses the tradition thinking mode - the market subdivides , the segmentation , targeting consumer , positioning . when opportunities cannot be found from the consumer and the competitor , you can use the mode which establishes a new localization theory frame based on the horizontal marketing . it will carry on the difference reorganization : seeks the targeted customer ’ s need , then from macroscopic to microscopic aspect to proof the feasibility of the method
本文将进行从微观到宏观的思维转变,利用水平营销的思维建立新的定位理论框架,将现有的信息组合进行重组:差异化的寻找? ?目标客户的选择,然后从宏观、中观、微观方面分析,论证方法的可行性,打破传统的定位观是从宏观过渡到微观。
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