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Chinese translation for "localization test"


Related Translations:
absolute localization:  绝对定位
germinal localization:  胚区定位
language localization:  语言区位化
localization method:  定位法
depth localization:  深度定位
localization strategy:  本土化战略
software localization:  本土化软件
sound localization:  声定位声源定位
localization kit:  本地化工具包
Example Sentences:
1.Localization testing or translation / editing experiences
2.Evision - localization testing
Evision -软件汉化
3.Most tests that are language specific will probably best be handled by manual localization testing
4.We ' ll probably revisit these in later lawst meetings , but the frustration expressed in the meeting by people who who had automated localization testing experience should be a caution to you if you are being told that an investment in extensive gui - based automation today will have a big payoff when you do localization
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