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Chinese translation for "localization method"


Related Translations:
absolute localization:  绝对定位
germinal localization:  胚区定位
language localization:  语言区位化
depth localization:  深度定位
localization strategy:  本土化战略
software localization:  本土化软件
sound localization:  声定位声源定位
localization kit:  本地化工具包
selective localization:  选择性定位
Example Sentences:
1.Research on localization method for indoor autonomous mobile robot
2.An edge - directed subpixel localization method of straight edge image
3.A localization method for mobile robot with optic mice in indoor environment
4.Application of weighted first order localization method in sideslope displacement prediction
5.In view of special requirements of homing system , we propose two kinds of multi - target localization methods
6.2 . at the license plate location phase , we propose a new rough localization method which based on connected area horizontal clustering
2 .在车牌定位阶段,本文提出了基于连通区域水平聚类的车牌粗定位方法。
7.A localization method in color video sequences based on asm is presented for moving object localization in this paper
8.First of all , the passive localization technology is briefly analyzed in chapter 1 , including typical localization methods and filtering algorithms
9.( 2 ) based on bistatic geometry , two simple localization methods tol ( time - only - localization ) and bol ( bear - only - localization ) have been proposed
2 )针对双基地声呐水下目标定位问题,提出了两种基本的双基地声呐定位算法: tol和bol方法。
10.3 . discuss the sequential monte carlo localization method for wireless sensor networks scheme and modify the basic algorithm to overcome the sample degeneracy problem in resampling stage
3 .讨论了贯序蒙特卡罗方法在无线传感器网络节点定位算法中的实现,并针对再采样阶段的样本缺失现象,对基本算法进行了改进。
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