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Chinese translation for "language notes"


Related Translations:
file note:  档案纪要卷内备考表
guaranteed note:  保证票据;保证单;担保债券
text note:  文字附注
attach note:  加附注
eighth note:  【音乐】八分音符。
taxa notes:  分类俗名
advisory notes:  咨询说明
for noting:  提交省览;以供省览无故地,白白地以供省览
bank note:  纸币。
speaking note:  说帖;发言讲稿
Example Sentences:
1.Includes more than 35 , 000 up - to - date entries , an expanded spelling guide , and more than 1 , 100 color photos . more information ? more color photos ? more features that will attract and inform ? up - to - date entries and definitions in a visually appealing , easy - to - use design ? special features , such as " language note " boxes that give advice on word usage , " word history " sections that explain the derivations of selected words , " expanded entry " areas that supply more information on selected words and topics ? the newest scientific , computer , and cultural terms for the modern child
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