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Chinese translation for "jacket platform"


Related Translations:
jacket:  n. 1.短上衣,外套。 2.包书纸,护封;公文套;唱片 ...  detail>>
platform:  n. 1.台,坛;讲坛,主席台。 2.步廊;〔英国〕(车 ...  detail>>
jacketed crystallizer:  夹套结晶器; 套管结晶器  detail>>
riding jacket:  马褂; 骑手短上衣  detail>>
cardigan jacket:  开襟毛衣; 开襟绒线衫; 开襟羊毛衣  detail>>
jacket pipe:  水套管; 套管  detail>>
life jackets:  几件救生衣; 救生衣  detail>>
mink jacket:  貂皮袄  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Dual - pole fuzzy pattern optimum selection model for penteration depth of jacket platform
2.An improved crack inspection method based on modal parameters was presented for identifying a crack in a jacket platform
3.Richtech provide engineering and design service in following field : fixed jacket platform , subsea pipeline , fpso , drilling equipment , subsea production system , lpg & lng , onshore oil & gas and petrochemical facilities , new energy
4.According to the diversity of structure reliability index and functional requirement of offshore jacket platform , the models of structural fuzzy optimum design of offshore jacket platforms is established . therefore , it is necessary to design the jacket platform with reliability optimum mode
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