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Chinese translation for "internal incentive"


Related Translations:
financial incentive:  财务激励财务奖励
incentive mechanism:  激励机制利益导向机制
composite incentive:  综合奖
incentive reduction:  奖励性减税
incentive industry:  受鼓励的行业
incentive wage:  (增产)奖励工资。
incentive discount:  激励性折扣
incentives bonus:  销售奖
volume incentive:  回扣折扣箱扣(箱量回扣)
educational incentive:  教育鼓励
Example Sentences:
1.On internal incentive of leading cadres
2.Thinking of establishing and perfecting internal incentive mechanism to implement effective encouragement
3.A positive analysis of the operation of the state ' s stake reduction in listed companies and the study of the internal incentive mechanism
4.It is the formation mechanism of green traffic of the win - win interests that government should exert its legislation ' s effect to norm the competition of traffic , reduce the negative externalities by market transactions , and create a two - way encouragement mechanism of external pressure and internal incentive
5.This study analyses the effect of internal factors on endogenous innovation , such as entrepreneurship , r & d team , internal incentive system , organization structure , intellectual property management and property right , combing with the result of almost 200 enterprises in henan province
6.The last chapter suggests some countermeasures based on analyses above . they are : establish an information - shared system ; consummate related legal system and decrease its executive cost level ; establish an internal incentive mechanism in banks ; promote the stock - holding system reform of china ' s state - owned commercial banks
7.In chapter 5 , we ' ll study how to promote the validity of eso from such efforts as improving the information transmitting of our capital market , strengthening external market constrain , perfecting rules of internal incentive - constrain . finally , we ' ll study the designing of eso on implement scale , source of stock , condition of executive
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